Short Stories


Rumpelstiltskin's Daughter
What might happen if the miller's daughter didn't guess Rumpelstiltskin's name…?
(genre: a darkly funny fantasy tale)


9 Lives
Julia woke up, frightened by a nightmare of being chased by something that she couldn't see. In her dream, she had been running along a narrow path that seemed to have no end, for what felt like hours, and she couldn't stop, not even for a minute to catch her breath…
(genre: a fantasy tale of cats and the afterlife)

Science Fiction

Time Enough
The telephone rang. It was the third call in ten minutes, and Julia sighed as she answered the phone on the second ring…
(genre: a science fiction story featuring a practical use of string theory)


An Orderly Life
Monsieur Jean-Dominique Laval lived a very orderly life … until things changed.
(genre: science fiction, a tale of parallel universes)


The Girl Who was Supposed to be Somewhere Else…
Where do you think science fiction writers get their ideas?
(genre: a dark science fiction story about a stranger, a visitor from somewhere else)


Where's Jeffry?
"Mom, I told you — I took him to his Little League practice!" …
(genre: horror. What happened and who did it?)


Bus to Oblivion
It was still dark when Bethany gave up on getting any more sleep. Even though she needed her rest, her worries about the upcoming meeting had kept her awake and fretting…
(genre: horror, when an ordinary bus ride turns out to be something else)