Cairns on Phobos

Digital image of the surface of Phobos created to honor all immigrants and refugees, past, present, and future.

The music is a prelude and fugue for two flutes, synthesizer, and fretless bass. Choose a format to play or download: MP3 | MIDI.

this one's for you, fine pioneer,
you took the first steps for your own reasons

you might have been on the run
because they came for you
in the middle of the night
with their torches ready to burn
because you pray to your god in your own way

you might have been told to go, be gone,
we don't want your kind here

you might have left
because they were going to draft you, little man,
to fight the big man's war
and, no, they don't take no for an answer

you might have been poor
with nothing to keep you there anyway

you've got stars in your eyes
so you could see another road and you took it

you left the warm, familiar home behind
and you took the cold and strange new road

so this one's for you, fine pioneer,
you made it all the way
even when you died