Light Show in the Sky!

I've been feeling so uneasy these days, and it doesn't help that there's a comet approaching.

Maybe I've just been reading too much science fiction, but I keep wondering if this comet will be The One. You know, the one that finally knocks this old home planet right out of the Solar System.

Maybe I'm just exaggerating, as usual. I mean, the dinosaurs never did tell us what went down in the late Cretaceous — or where — right?

Now they — the scientists, I mean — are saying that the incoming comet is emitting some strange rays. Maybe someone — or something — is just hitching a ride on a handy wayfarer in the sky.

Anyway, those strange rays coming from the comet are audible on some radio equipment. It sounds like a bunch of beeping, and it's rather neat to listen to it.

In the meantime, I'll watch the skies…

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