Take a Trip in my Time Machine!

Image of Mercury

Digital image of Mercury

None of us have had a proper vacation in ages, so Tal took the Sun Disk Flying Saucer in to be tuned up and then Ogg the Cave Dweller, Tal and I headed out on Skyway 66.

Our first destination was the planet Mercury because it had been a long winter and we all needed a bit of sunshine.

We checked in at the Twilight Hotel at the edge of the Shakespeare Crater. After a soak in the cool pool in the spa, we headed out to the train station. Our friend Di-Luna, a glass sculptor at the artist's colony here on Mercury, was waiting at the platform.

We all took a ride on the Twilight Train along the rim of the crater. While we rode, Tal took out her tablet and light pencils, and made some quick sketches. "Where I come from, you don't see light like this!" she remarked.