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Image of Venus

Digital image of Venus

The next day, I sat at the desk in my room at the Desert Inn, sipping a glass of tangerine tea and writing a postcard to my friend Kya. The postcard was a "Jumbo-Kard" and it had a tiny cloth bag stitched to the side, which was filled with "True Grit from Venus!"

"We are on our way, and will pick you up in a few days!" I wrote. "In the meantime, we're enjoying all of this sunshine, especially Tal. Is it summer where you are yet? Venus does not look much like a proper home for the Goddess of Love. Since there's no natural water here, I can't see how Venus could float in from the sea on a half shell! Anyway, we had lunch with Stephanie. She's a Venus-based songwriter, and she will be performing tonight at the Sundial Cafe."