Take a Trip in my Time Machine!

Image of Io

Digital image of Io

You've probably been wondering all about me, haven't you? Well, my name is Ivy. Both of my parents are volcanologists and so I was born here on Io in the town of New Reykjavik. I'm an artist, like most of my friends. My specialty is multimedia and virtual reality.

That's how I met Tal, for example. We won't be going out to her place in the Oort Cloud, not on this trip anyway, but I'm no stranger to that part of the Solar System. For that matter, I'm no stranger to other times as well as places. I met Tal in the Far Future, for instance, more than a thousand years from now.

It's funny, though, but I didn't actually meet Ogg the Cave Dweller back in the Old Stone Age, although she showed me how to get there without needing a written manual.