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Image of Miranda

Digital image of Miranda

After all of the hustle and bustle of the last few days, I, for one, will enjoy a bit of "down time" on Miranda. Miranda is actually quite an interesting place to visit, but the local pleasures and treasures of the place are not due to its nightlife. However, there are several artists who live and work here, and Jade keeps herself busy. The local artists group was having an Open Studios event, and so we dropped in to visit.

"I actually managed to sell a couple of pieces," Jade told us. "I've had a steady stream of visitors, although sometimes I think that they're here to see 'bohemian' rather than 'art'. Let me call for a pizza. I've been too busy to cook anything."

"That would be good," Tal replied. "We've got a couple of bottles of chianti ready to open!"