Take a Trip in my Time Machine!

Image of Pluto

Digital image of Pluto

"Now I actually know people from Pluto," I wrote in my journal. Serena introduced us to Way Out West after the show on Triton a couple of nights ago, and Tyra, the leader of the band, wanted to take a short break at home before going out on tour. In Tyra's case, home happens to be the planet Pluto!

"Anyway, we've had a great trip. I'm glad that we could visit so many old friends, and make new ones. Art is art, wherever you go, and an artist is inspired by where she lives while adding a bit of what's unique and hers alone.

"Pluto and Charon always make me feel a bit restless, and Tal keeps talking about going back to Oort City.

"However, tomorrow we really must decide whether to turn right and go back home or turn left, and head for the stars!"