Take a Trip in my Time Machine!

Image of Earth

Digital image of Earth

"OK," Tal announced, "we are right over the San Francisco Bay Area, along the coast of California, on Earth."

"Ooh, that's lovely," I replied. "I have to admit that I wouldn't mind a day or two at a Bed and Breakfast in the Wine Country, but I couldn't get reservations. But then, it's not like we haven't spent a lot of time here…."

"Speak for yourself," Tal retorted. "I'm not a native, you know!"

"I never get tired of this view," Ogg the Cave Dweller interrupted. "Of course, I've mostly seen it from terra firma. Naturally, it has changed a lot over the years!"

"Speaking of Earth," Tal said, "I heard that our old friend Fleur has a new show installed on the Global Internet!"