Take a Trip in my Time Machine!

Image of Phobos

Digital image of Phobos

After the concert was over, we took Kya for a midnight ride among the moons of Mars. We met a friend of ours on Phobos, a sculptor named Jen, at the Asteroid Bar and Grill.

"Congratulations, Kya!" Ogg the Cave Dweller said, as she raised her beer glass. "Well done!"

"Thank you!" Kya replied. "I'm glad all of you could make it!"

"The pleasure was all ours," Tal said. "Do you know if you will make it out my way sometime soon? The Oort Cloud Art Co-op is a little off the beaten track, I know."

"Well, the details are still being worked out," Kya replied, "but I would love to see your newest neon plasma and ice art!"